My Dream Date With a Single Lawyer

If you had told me that going to a charity event and bidding on a bachelor lawyer would change my life, I would have simply laughed. My life was going fine and I was happy. A friend dragged me to a local charity event where the hottest single men were being auctioned. I never dreamed that a winning bid would turn into a long term situation. Most single lawyers that I know of wouldn?t even deign to participate. However I saw a very nice looking man and I put a bid on him for charity.

What I didn’t know is that Benjamin is one of the top lawyers where I live. As the night went on the bidding grew heated. I finally won a date with Benjamin. He was the most handsome man that I have ever laid eyes on. We made some small talk at the event and discovered a kinship immediately. We had a lot in common and we set a date for the big date. The day came soon enough and he whisked me off for a romantic evening. I hated to see the evening end when it did.

Ben is an unusual breed of single lawyers. He surprised me with a call a couple of days after the date and asked me to go out again. Another dream date followed. We started going out soon after that and soon became a couple. He is the most perfect gentleman to me. He has his faults to be true as do I. But he has really become my dream man. I never in a million years thought that he would be my heart’s desire. But that is what has happened. I found my man all through a charity event.

There is hope for all single lawyers to find the person right for them. Benjamin is happy as am I. We plan on being married in the fall after a two year courtship. I shake my head in wonder at finding him. How did I get to be so blessed? One event changed both our lives forever and we both are thankful for it.